If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to respond.

Question 1: What other products do you sell?

Answer: We have a small range of wrapping paper (see Wrapping Paper Gallery) and gift cards (see Gift Card Gallery.) We also have an exclusive range of printed greeting cards (non-photographic). For more information on these products please contact us on cards@eyebright.com.au

Question 2: Do you licence out your photography to other companies?

Answer: Yes. In fact, we have had exclusive licence arrangements in place with several companies across Australia for many years now and continue to add more. While we never issue licences that encroach upon existing agreements, we are always happy to discuss your requirements. If you would like to know more, please contact Jason on 0414 729 693.

Question 3: What format do you shoot in?

Answer: At Eyebright Photography we prefer to shoot 35mm negative. We still find that negative offers superior clarity and quality to digital, and has the added bonus of allowing us to establish and defend copyright ownership for our work beyond dispute, which we have had occasion to do in recent years.

Question 4: Do you do wedding invitations?

Answer: While we do not supply wedding invitations many people have purchased our cards in bulk to use as wedding invitations, adding a printed insert with all of the details.

Question 5: Can I receive regular updates?

Answer: Yes! Please send us an email stating that you would like to receive notification when we update our site with New Releases - cards@eyebright.com.au

Question 6: Where do you get the inspiration for your photography from?

Answer: Our love of life and all things small and simple. "A little considered point of view".

Question 7: How long have you been taking photographs?

Answer: Eyebright Photography was established in 1996 drawing on a decade of photographic experience.

Question 8: Are the images available as photographic enlargements?

Answer : Yes, please call us on 0414-729-693 or email us to request a price list of our photographic enlargements.

Question 9: What about corporate courtesy cards?

Answer : You can order from our range of greeting cards for your business - to send out to clients or staff - thank you's etc. Also, we are able to tailor images for corporations/organisations upon request (e.g. professional corporations, construction companies, real estate agencies or charity organisations etc.).